Hawkish Chinese General Joins Social Media Fray

Luo YuanHawkish and well-connected Chinese major general, Luo Yuan, who last year reportedly recommended turning islands in East China Sea claimed by both China and Japan into a shooting range, has debuted in China’s enormously popular world of microblogging with the announcement “we must fight for our beloved fatherland, beloved party, beloved army and beloved people!” Luo also wrote in what appeared to be his first post Friday that he had received “permission” (Chinese media reported that it came from People’s Liberation Army) to set up the account. In the past, members of the military have been barred from opining online, reports said (though some do, including an air force colonel, Dai Xu, who has a microblog). Some person or persons, possibly high up in the security or propaganda system, seem to have had a change of heart about that general policy, the man who reportedly said last September China should cooperate with Taiwan’s military in“people’s war at sea”, blasting disputed Diaoyu, or Senkaku, islands “Monday, Wednesday, Friday,” while Taiwanese could do it “Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday”, is back, characteristically vocal. Mr. Luo is believed to be close to incoming Chinese president, Xi Jinping, and his father, Luo Qingchang, was an early member of the Communist Party and a senior official and intelligence officer, according to Chinese and overseas Web sites. In his post, he wrote that microblogging is “a very important public opinion front. If you don’t speak out, others will, even impersonating your voice to make a din.” Quoting 20th-century writer Lu Xun (but without attribution), wrote: “We will no longer be silent. We either die in the silence, we explode in the silence,” a well-known call to speak out. Many conservatives and nationalists in China believe microblogs have been largely captured by “liberal” voices and General Luo has said elsewhere that he wanted to offer another voice. The general, whose debut messages have garnered more than 10.000 “likes” (thumbs-up signs) so far, whose initial statement was forwarded nearly 40,000 times over the first three days, gives his views on issues such as North Korea’s recent nuclear test; he said “North Korea problem is the product of the cold war problem, main players are U.S. and North Korea” (…..)

Link: http://rendezvous.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/25/hawkish-chinese-general-joins-social-media-fray/


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One Response to Hawkish Chinese General Joins Social Media Fray

  1. Professor Uziel Nogueira says: The debut of major general Luo Yuan as a blogger signals a novel approach by the CCP in handling official communication. In powerful countries, high ranking military officers are prohibited to express their political opinions in public. The question is why general Yuan is allowed to express his views on sensitive topics such as the Diaoyu / Senkaku islands conflict with Japan. Will other members of the military or the CCP central bureau follow suit and create their own blogs? In the communication area, China’s ruling elite is doing things in their unique and controlled way. For Sino experts in the Western think tanks, a visit to major general Luo Yuan blog will be part of their daily routine.



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