Five Trends to Watch for in Chinese Cybersecurity in 2013

CybersecurityWith 2012 coming to an end, here are some of the larger trends to watch in Chinese cybersecurity in upcoming year (…..) A two Internet world. A number of reports have characterized the U.S., UK, Canada and others’ decision to walk away from the World Conference on the International Communications (WCIT) without signing an updates to a 1988 treaty on international telecommunications as the first clash in a digital cold war. On one side, U.S. and its allies said they could not sign treaty because they wanted to preserve the free, open model of Internet governance. On the other, Russia, China and many Arab nations believe states should have a greater say in how Internet is managed and more ability to control the flow of information over networks. For example, in response to the introduction of “human rights obligations” in proposed telecom treaty, Chinese delegation noted that the “security of the state” was an equally valid concern. The end of the WCIT does not end the discussion, and we can expect Russia, China, and the other authoritarian states to continue to promote their state-centric views of cybersecurity and Internet governance.



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