“Change and Contradictions in Contemporary China”

Seminar by Dr. Emile Yeoh Kok Kheng, Director and Associate Professor, Institute of China Studies (ICS) – University of Malaya. Date: 29 June 2012. Time: 3.00 p.m. Venue: Seminar Room. 5th Floor, Za’ba Library Building. China is a country in astounding transformation which is reflected not only in her economy, but also in social changes in the past few decades, such transformation inevitably is also going to have implications for country’s domestic sociopolitical development. For instance, country’s breakneck economic transformation and accompanying income and wealth disparities could be engendering increasingly volatile intergroup relations that would result in intensified resource contest which in turn may see groups coalesce along socioracial and ascriptive lines and thus further polarized by such divides, aggravated by transnational influences brought about by self-same globalization that has ironically contributed to her very economic “miracle” in first place. This seminar investigates how various dimensions of social change have been engendered by the three decades of Chinese economic reform and how these various facets of social change are impacting on the coming direction and trajectory of the country’s socioeconomic and political transformation, how the interplay of State policy and societal response within the context of the exigencies engendered by the country’s continued odyssey of development, modernization and reform is shaping future of the civil society, and how from theoretical and empirical perspectives, the complex polity-economy-society nexus involved in the transformation of modern China are having wider ramifications for the country’s future. Link: http://ics.um.edu.my/


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