Preventing the eventual “death” of our democracies

Most of world’s pressing issues of today will never be effectively resolved if we do not strengthen democracies. Thus, risk of collapse of democracies will also mean a risk of collapse of human societies resulting from our incompetence to effectively resolve global public policy problems. One of most quintessential global macro-political threats that today’s generation faces is the risk of democratic collapse. There are two symptomatic causes why we, in the democratic world, are at the edge of the cliff, confronted with the options of either strengthening the foundations of our democracy, or losing our grip on the democratic tightrope. First, one of the most crucial risks today is the systemic disregard for civil liberties and human rights of citizens, not only in new democracies of Global South, but also in advanced democracies of the West. This specific risk is indeed political in nature: It results from a stark conflict of interests amongst citizens and groups within; amongst states being translated to a highly violent struggle leading to political violence among citizens. Second, growing material inequality within and among democratic states is causing dramatic dissatisfaction among the substantially growing number of disempowered and marginalized citizens both in the developed and developing worlds, thereby leading to massive protests as evidenced by London riots in 2011 and the numerous Occupy demonstrations elsewhere, thus, lucidly showing how economic injustice can mobilize protests. Considering these 2 symptoms of risk of democratic collapse, are we going to allow political and economic threats in our democracies to be embedded as enduring features of a highly unjust political landscape? Will we allow our naïveté to dominate over our genuine passion for human freedoms to flourish in a truly just political and economic community? How are we going to prevent the collapse of our democracies? Although a complete policy solution applicable for all struggling states in Global South as well as troubled countries of Eurozone is beyond scope of this essay, a few paradigmatic remarks are worth making: active political citizenship; strengthening the role of the state in providing public goods; committing to global justice means committing to a longer life expectancy of our democracies; from the risk of collapse to an increased life expectancy of our democracies (…..)



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